Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack

Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack
[Audio CD, 3 Discs]
Source: Chrono Cross [PS1]
Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda
Release Date: 1999
Label: DigiCube

Chrono Cross is the spiritual successor of Chrono Trigger, a remarkable SNES title that is often praised for raising the bar for the genre, especially in regards to music. Like its predecessor, Chrono Cross succeeds at having a highly immersive soundtrack, relying on haunting strings work and the incorporation of tribal/folk instruments and sounds. It's amazing to think that the PS1 is capable of this kind of sound work, especially when compared to first generation titles like Final Fantasy VII. It was difficult to pick just three recommended tracks off of this stellar soundtrack, but this article would probably explode if more youtube videos were embedded. Chrono Cross has remarkably solid music and is one of the best soundtracks of the PS1 era.

Track List

01 Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time
02 Between Life and Death
03 Arni Village ~ Home
04 Fields of Time ~ Home World
05 Lizard Dance
06 Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory)
07 On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another World
08 Arni Village ~ Another World
09 Ephemeral Memory
10 Lost Fragment
11 Drowned Valley
12 Termina ~ Another World
13 Departed Souls
14 Forest of Illusion
15 Snakebone Mansion
16 Victory ~ A Gift of Spring
17 Lost in Time
18 Galdorb ~ Another World
19 Hydra Swamp
20 Fragment of a Dream
21 Voyage ~ Another World
22 Ghost Ship
23 Deathfire Mountain
24 Fortress of Ancient Dragons
25 Grief

01 Beginning of a Dream
02 A Narrow Space Between Dimensions
03 Termina ~ Home
04 The Dragoons
05 Voyage ~ Home World
06 Galdorb ~ Home World
07 Marbule ~ Home World
08 Zelbess
09 The Splendidly Grand Magic Troupe
10 Nap
11 Chronomantique
12 Dilemma
13 Optimism
14 Isle of the Dead
15 Dead Sea/Tower of Destruction
16 Prisoners of Fate
17 A Light Already Lost
18 Island of the Earth Dragon
19 Navel of the World
20 Gale
21 Victory ~ A Cry in Summer
22 Marbule ~ Another World
23 Magic from the Fairies
24 Etude 1
25 Etude 2
26 Magical Dreamers

01 Garden of God
02 Chronopolis
03 Fates ~ The God of Destiny
04 Jellyfish Sea
05 Burning Orphanage
06 The Girl Who Stole the Stars
07 The Dream that Time Dreams
08 Dragon's Prayer
09 Tower of Stars
10 Frozen Flame
11 Dragon God
12 Dark Realms of Time
13 Life ~ A Distant Promise
14 Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory
15 Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel
16 Fragment of a Dream

Recommended Listening: Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time, On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another World, The Dream that Time Dreams.


  1. i ustu love chrono trigger.
    is this soundtrack that good, migth give it a listen.

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  3. good music, ever hear of the cat empire?

  4. Ha, I won an AMV prize at an anime convention many years ago using just cut scenes from that game. The video sucks to watch now. I was a terrible editor.

  5. Man I'll recommend this album to my friends who were mad into Chrono trigger

  6. this game is INCREDIBLE! and the soundtrack is indescribably awesome

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  8. There are some SICK remixes of Scars of Time.

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  14. chrono trigger was a great game, i might listen to the music, thanks

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  17. Great soundtrack, maybe even as good as the original. Could just be all the nostalgia, mind you...

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  19. Some damn nice tunes you got there!

  20. Yesss! Love Chrono Cross! Such a classic soundtrack, my favorite is Another World. :)

    Another good soundtrack is Legend of Mana if you haven't posted it yet. :D

  21. Chrono Chross is a great game with an equally great soundtrack.

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    Never played Chrono Trigger or Cros, but I might have to now..

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