Thursday, October 14, 2010

Persona V.3

Persona V.3
[Audio CD, 2 Discs]
Source: Persona 3 [PS2]
Composer: Shōji Meguro
Release Date: 2006
Label: Sony

Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 was released in 2006 (2007 for North America) by Atlus. This two disc collection features 58 compositions and arrangements by Shoji Meguro, a longstanding composer for the varied Shin Megami Tensai series. The soundtrack itself is quite varied and reflects the modern tone of Persona 3 and its gameplay. The soundtrack jumps between classical sounding arrangements, urban inspired battle themes, overdriven guitars, and still manages to keep some classic RPG charm intact. The diversity of the soundtrack compliments the dual nature of Persona 3's gameplay, which has you planning your daily schedule around attending high school, improving your social links and fighting through the hellish tower Tartarus at night. While most of the Shin Megami Tensai series (and most games in general) has a relatively narrow thematic range to draw emphasis to the gameplay, this soundtrack incorporates a variety of elements that work quite well together to create an extremely listenable album. The number of remix and band arrangement compilations based on this soundtrack attests to this.

Track List

01 Burn My Dread
02 Poem of Everyone's Soul
03 Beginning
04 This Strange Sensation
05 Want to be Close
06 Troubled
07 Crisis
08 Shadow
09 Invoke Persona
10 Unavoidable Battle
11 Peace
12 When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars
13 Iwatodai Dormitory
14 The Voice Someone Calls
15 tartarus_0d01
16 Mass Destruction
17 After Battle
18 p3ct004_01
19 Deep Breath Deep Breath
20 Master of Shadow
21 Paulownian Mall
22 tartarus_0d02
23 Unsettling Premonition
24 Fearful Experience
25 Calamity
26 Junior Exam
27 Adventured Act
28 Joy
29 tartarus_0d03
30 Deep Mentality
31 The Path is Open
32 The Path Was Closed

01 Changing Seasons
02 Basement
03 Master of Tartarus
04 This is Fine
05 Living With Determination
06 tartarus_0d04
07 Kyoto
08 Afternoon Break
09 Current Net Price
10 tartarus_0d05
11 Remembrance of 10 Years Ago
12 Mistic
13 Power of the Heart
14 Street of Memories
15 Memories of the Academy
16 Living With Determination - Iwatodai Dormitory Arrange
17 tartarus_0d06
18 The Thing Comes From the Darkness
19 Battle for Everyone's Souls
20 Nyx
21 Determination
22 Burn My Dread -Last Battle-
23 Bonds
24 Because I Protect
25 Memories of You
26 Blues in Velvet Room

Recommended Listening: Want to be Close, Mass Destruction, Battle for Everyone's Souls


  1. memories of you is the only one i liked

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  3. nice blog you've got here bro.
    I like the layout of your posts. Shall visit more often :)
    And thanks for the info on the album

  4. Thats a pretty impressive soundtrack

  5. I loved the Persona 3 soundtrack. Nice blog btw, you have a new follower. :)

  6. i dont like dis music but i think ur awesome

  7. Nice this is the only persona game i've played lol

  8. thanks i was looking for these

  9. I like your blog.. alway some cool music to find :)
    thanks :D

  10. memories of you is on my normal rotation

  11. I only like about half of these unfortunately. But maybe I'll grow into the other half.

  12. Ive played a couple of persona games. Soundtrack aint to bad.

  13. i jsut wanted to say i reallllly like your background/wallpaper... liek seriously its awesome! keep postin ill be sure to visit here more

  14. cool songs, I'll throw 'em into a mix or something. Thanks for the find!

  15. The OST wasn't as good as I was hoping. A lot of the tunes make you sit back and think, "Well, it sounds better in the game...." That BABY BABY BABY song grates my nerves.

    Although "Burn My Dread" is pretty awesome.