Friday, November 5, 2010

Stella Deus Original Soundtrack

Stella Deus Original Soundtrack
[Audio CD, 1 Disc]
Source: Stella Deus [PS2]
Composer: Masaharu Iwata, Hitoshi Sakimoto
Release Date: 2004
Label: Aniplex

Stella Deus is a tactical RPG that was released for the PS2, and is considered the spiritual successor of Hoshigami. While the game was produced by Atlus, obvious comparisons are drawn to Final Fantasy Tactics. The soundtrack is even composed by Sakimoto and Iwata. While Stella Deus has an interesting story, the gameplay is more linear than Tactics. The soundtrack as a whole is also not as strong as Tactics.

However, the soundtrack is still good. Many modern RPGs that fall under a banner other than SquareEnix or Atlus tend to suffer from 'who cares' music syndrome. Stella Deus has a solid soundtrack that succeeds in making the game feel vibrant while still retaining Sakimoto and Iwata's recognizable thematic work.

Track List

01 Alchemy (Man's Theme)
02 Name Entry
03 Situation Explanation
04 Requiem
05 Energetic Music
06 The Supreme Ruler's Army
07 Activity Time
08 Mission Clear
09 Danger
10 Conspiracy
11 World Map
12 Shop
13 Guild
14 Save/Load Screen
15 Tutorial
16 A Cheerful Mood
17 Main Battle Music
18 Everyday
19 A Formidable Foe
20 Game Over
21 Heroine's Theme
22 Reminiscence of the Past Music
23 Prince of a Ruined Country
24 Apostle of the Light
25 A Turning Point
26 Theme of the Religious Order
27 An Oppressed Mood
28 An Unfavorable Situation
29 While Feeling Doubt
30 Infiltration
31 Holy Kingdom
32 Disciple of the Dark
33 Vize
34 Nature
35 The Four Elemental Spirits
36 Ruins of the Forbidden
37 Ancient God
38 Highlands
39 Decisive Battle
40 March of Heroes
41 Epilogue
42 Holy Spirit (Spirit's Theme)

Recommended Listening: Alchemy (Man's Theme), Main Battle Music, A Turning Point.


  1. these sound preaty good :)

  2. Awesome, I love FFT and this looks sweet. Great soundtrack too. Man, I wish most games had awesome soundtracks like FF.

  3. I'd never heard of this game before. I wanna try it out now.

  4. Sounds nice, never heard of the game, but then again, I had no PS2

  5. Even though the name is very unspectacular, I really like 'save/load screen'

  6. game soundtracks are always epic, love them!

  7. I never got to play that game. the music is great though.