Thursday, October 21, 2010

Final Fantasy IV Arrange: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption

Final Fantasy IV Arrange: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption
[Audio CD, 4 Discs]
Source: Final Fantasy IV [SNES]
Composer: Various Artists
Release Date: 2009
Label: Indie [OC Remix release]

Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption is a community project created by various artists at OverClocked Remix. This release features 46 arrangements of Nobuo Uematsu's amazing composition work for Final Fantasy IV. From the official release page: "Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption features 36 artists from the OC ReMix community. While the album holds a rock-opera overtone, there are a range of styles presented, from the heavy trance of the Within the Giant, to the more intimate string quartet rendition of Theme of Lute. Each arrangement focuses on enhancing the essence of the original and bringing it closer to an overarching theme, while allowing the artist to add their own unique mark." As this is an independent and not-for-profit release, you can torrent the album in its entirety or download individual tracks here.

The album has a lot of polish, which is to be expected of the folks over at OverClocked Remix. I did have trouble picking out specific artists that I was familiar with, with the exception of bLiNd, so I can understand why this release isn't as widely known as Voices of the Lifestream. However, regardless of name recognition, I was impressed by quite a few tracks. If you're familiar with Final Fantasy IV and the original soundtrack, hop on the torrent, otherwise I recommend you hunt around the individual download section.

Track List

01 Full of Courage (The Red Wings)
02 The Might of Baron (Kingdom of Baron)
03 Overture ~ Tellah's Prophecy (Medley)
04 Journey to Solace (Sorrow and Loss)
05 Ana(pro)logue (Prologue)
06 The Flying Machine (Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV)
07 Read the Sine (Welcome to Our Town!)
08 Emerald Beauty (Rydia)
09 RDX Necklace (Bomb Ring)
10 Of Fiend and Man (Battle 1)
11 Interlude ~ Yay! (Fanfare)
12 The Skies Hold No Angels for Us (Damcyan Castle)
13 Edward's Dream Quartet (Edward's Harp)
14 Golbez 'N Goblins (Golbez, Clad in Darkness)
15 Fighting for Tomorrow (Fabul)

01 Mystic Variations (Mystic Mysidia)
02 Metal Mage (Palom and Porom)
03 Smiling Hilltop for Four Hands (Mt. Ordeals)
04 Step Into the Light (Into the Darkness)
05 Long Time Gone (A Long Way to Go)
06 Rhymes with Elixir (Chocobo Chocobo)
07 Interlude ~ Nom! (Enter Fat Chocobo)
08 Blue Planet in Mode 7 (The Airship)
09 Goodbye Cid... (Hey Cid!)
10 Almost Fell for the Trojan (Troian Beauty)
11 Somewhere to Hide (Somewhere in the World...)
12 Fallen Dragoon (Suspicion)
13 Fallen Ascent (Tower of Zot)
14 Survival Instinct (Battle 2)
16 Lacrima (Sorrow and Loss)
17 Theme of Love for Guitar Duet (Theme of Love)

01 Tundra of Dwarves (Land of Dwarves)
02 In the Land of Dwarves (Giott, King of the Dwarves)
03 Path of Deception (The Land of Summons)
04 Calcobrena After a Night of Dinner and Dancing (Dancing Calbrena)
05 Treason (Battle with the Four Fiends)
06 Until the Tower Falls (Tower of Bab-il)
07 Evoking the Dawn (The Prelude)
08 A Savior Ascends (Lunar Whale)
09 The Still Land (The Lunarians)
10 Bridge to Eternity (Within the Giant)
11 Finale Part One ~ Éminence Grise (Another Moon)
12 Finale Part Two ~ Genesis of Destruction (The Final Battle)
13 Facing (Epilogue)
14 Kind of Green (Rydia)

DISC IV - Bonus
01 All Your Calcobrena Are Belong to Us (Dancing Calbrena)
02 I Love This Radio (Theme of Love)
03 Smooth Sun of Magma (Land of Dwarves)
04 Morphine Kyck (Battle 1)
05 Triaminotrinitrobenzene (Bomb Ring)
06 Phantom of the Zeromus (The Final Battle)
07 Zeromus the Serialist (The Final Battle)
08 Spiraling Decay (The Final Battle)

Recommended Listening: Full of Courage, Path of Deception, Bridge to Eternity.


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