Friday, October 15, 2010

Megalomania: Rockman Guitar Arrange

Megalomania: Rockman Guitar Arrange
[Audio CD, 1 Disc]
Source: Megaman I - IV [NES]
Composer: Dangerous Mezashi Cat
Release Date: 2006
Label: Doujin/Indie

Megalomania: Rockman Guitar Arrange is a great collection of popular themes from the NES era of the Megaman (Rockman) franchise. While Megaman remixes are generally abundant due to the popularity of the series (OverClocked ReMix has 100+ submitted tracks), the doujin group Dangerous Mezashi Cat gets back in touch with Rockman's roots: hard and fast guitar rock. The album definitely has some ho-hum tracks, which can possibly be attributed to staying too close to the source material and not deviating as much.. it is an arrangement album after all. However, there are definitely some remarkable tracks that should make it a mainstay in your collection.

Track List

01 Opening / Rockman 2
02 Title / Rockman 2
03 CutMan / Rockman 1
04 IceMan / Rockman 1
05 FireMan / Rockman 1
06 MetalMan / Rockman 2
07 BubbleMan / Rockman 2
08 WoodMan / Rockman 2
09 CrashMan / Rockman 2
10 FlashMan / Rockman 2
11 QuickMan / Rockman 2
12 Dr. Wily #1 / Rockman 2
13 Title / Rockman 3
14 SparkMan / Rockman 3
15 GetWeapon / Rockman 3
16 SnakeMan / Rockman 3
17 PharoahMan / Rockman 4

Recommended Listening: Title (MM3), GetWeapon, SnakeMan.


  1. Guitar, the way megaman was was meant to be heard.

  2. Wow. This is truly awesome. I don't think I've run into another blog like your's.

  3. OOH!! Dude!!
    Rockman, one of the best games in the NES!
    damn nostalgia ='D

  4. Woodman had the coolest music on the game.

  5. Megaman!! Awesome. Title's my favorite.

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  7. Megaman music makes me feel like im 8 again

  8. awesome this bring back memories

  9. Megaman was sooo good i miss my childhood listening to those songs ahah! Thanks for the share

  10. excellent songs! Thanks for the share!

  11. my favorite vgm is from the megaman games

  12. Holy shit, I did NOT recognize this. EXTREMELY fucking relevant to my interests.

  13. Despite my utter love for the Mega Man series, I'm always a bit reluctant towards Mega Man remixes, just because of the sheer abundance of remixes that you already mentioned. These guys really have it down though, and that Snake Man rendition is some of the best I've heard. A bit of an underappreciated tune, at least if you'll go by the amount of remixes that the song has had.